Academic Catalog

DPR - Computer Information Systems

Subject DPR has been archived and all courses now appear under subject CS.  New CS courses are considered equivalent to the previous DPR courses in content and as pre-requisites.

DPR 100  Introduction to Information Technology
                       See CS 100 Introduction to Information Technology

DPR 101  Introduction to Computer Science
                        See CS 101 Introduction to Computer Science

DPR 104  Introduction to Java Programming 
                        See CS 104 Introduction to Java Programming

DPR 105  Management Information Systems  
                        See CS 105 Management Information Systems

DPR 107  Helpdesk Concepts  
                        See CS 107 Helpdesk Concepts

DPR 110  Introduction to C++  
                        See CS 110 Introduction to C++

DPR 111  Computer Applications  
                        See CS 111 Computer Applications

DPR 113  Database Management Systems  
                        See CS 113 Database Management Systems

DPR 114  Microsoft Word  
                        See CS 114 Microsoft Word

DPR 115  Microsoft Excel  
                        See CS 115 Microsoft Excel

DPR 116  Introduction to Online Research Strategies  
                        See CS 116 Introduction to Online Research Strategies

DPR 117  Fundamentals of Game Design Theory and Practice  
                        See CS 117 Fundamentals of Game Design Theory and Practice

DPR 118  Game Creation Development  
                        See CS 118 Game Creation Development

DPR 119  Introduction to Computer Game Programming  
                        See CS 119 Introduction to Computer Game Programming

DPR 121  Game Art and Animation  
                        See CS 121 Game Art and Animation

DPR 141  UNIX Operating Systems  
                        See CS 141 UNIX Operating Systems

DPR 190  Computer Programming Internship (1 credit)  
                        See CS 190 Computer Programming Internship (1 credit)

DPR 194  Computer Programming Internship (2 credits)  
                        See CS 194 Computer Programming Internship (2 credit)

DPR 199  Computer Programming Internship (3 credits)  
                        See CS 199 Computer Programming Internship (3 credit)

DPR 204  Intermediate Java Programming  
                        See CS 204 Intermediate Java Programming

DPR 206  PHP/MySQL  
                        See CS 206 PHP/MySQL

DPR 207  Intro to Oracle:SQL  
                        See CS 207 Intro to Oracle: SQL

DPR 210  Object Oriented C++  
                        See CS 210 Object Oriented C++

DPR 212  Data Structures and Algorithms  
                        See CS 212 Data Structures and Algorithms

DPR 214  jQuery/JavaScript  
                        See CS 214 jQuery/JavaScript

DPR 222  Visual Basic Programming  
                        See CS 222 Visual Basic Programming

DPR 227  Introduction to PC Support  
                        See CS 127 Introduction to PC Support

DPR 228  PC Repair and Maintenance  
                        See CS 128 PC Repair and Maintenance

DPR 241  Mobile Web Development  
                        See CS 241 Mobile Web Development

DPR 250  Digital Portfolio Development  
                                See CS 250 Digital Portfolio Development