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Admission Procedures

Delaware County Community College is committed to providing an equal educational opportunity to all who can benefit. This open-door policy allows the College to admit any high school graduate or person who has passed the GED (high school equivalency) exam. Persons 19 or older who have not graduated from high school or passed the GED will be considered for admission on an individual basis. All students seeking credit coursework must file an application for admission.

The College strongly recommends that students apply as early as possible. Our admission procedure helps College advisors and counselors advise incoming students on the courses they select. Early applicants benefit both from placement testing and early advising and course selection to ensure courses they need fit their schedules.

Contact Information

Admissions Office
Marple Campus
Founders Hall, Room 3500
Phone: 610-359-5050

How to Apply

An application for admission is available online at, in person or by calling the College at 610-359-5050. 

If you wish to be enrolled in credit coursework, please follow these steps:

  1. Submit an admission application:
    • Those applying to neurodiagnostic technology, nursing, respiratory therapy, surgical technology, municipal police training and individuals seeking financial aid must submit an official High School transcript from their guidance office.
    • Transfer students desiring credit for prior coursework must submit official transcripts from all post-secondary schools attended and the petition for transfer of credit.
    • International students enrolling at the college on an F-1 visa must submit an official report of their academic records of secondary and post-secondary education from a NACES (National Association of Credential Evaluation Services) approved member, original bank statement and notarized affidavit of support verifying ability to meet expenses before an I-20 is issued.
  2. Accepted students will receive information about scheduling or waiving our placement test. Students with SAT/ACT scores taken within the past five years are encouraged to submit their scores for consideration of waiving the placement test. Students with prior college credit in English composition and mathematics may request a waiver of the placement test.
    • Eligible for Waiver:
      • SAT Verbal - 500 or higher
      • SAT Math - 530 or higher
      • ACT Verbal - 18 or higher
      • ACT Math 20 or higher
      • AP Score - 4 or higher

     Please visit for more information on course placement.

3. Complete the College's mandatory orientation at to learn more about Delaware County Community College.

4. Meet with an advisor to schedule your classes.


Students who have not been enrolled for a year or more or previously applied but did not take classes must reapply to the College. You must follow these steps:

  1. Submit an application for admission and check the box on the application that reads, “Check here if applying for readmission.”
  2. Complete the College’s Placement Test if you did not do so when you previously applied to the College or if you did not waive the Placement Test.
  3. If you attended another college since leaving Delaware County Community College and you want to transfer the credits here, you must submit an official transcript. See “Transferring to Delaware County Community College.”
  4. Complete the College's mandatory orientation at to learn more about Delaware County Community College.

  5. Meet with an advisor to schedule your classes.

Visiting Students

If you attend a four-year college or university but wish to enroll at Delaware County Community College for coursework to transfer back to your home
institution, follow these easy steps:

  1. Together with your completed application, submit a copy of your home institution transcript or a letter from your advisor verifying that you have met any prerequisites associated with our course(s) you wish to take.
    •  Be sure to include a major code in the appropriate space on the application form. Applications cannot be processed without a major code.
  2. Include, with your application and transcript or letter, a note providing the specific course information for the classes in which you wish to enroll, including CRN (course reference #), SUBJ (subject code), CRS (credits), SEC (section) and TITLE (course title).
  3. Either mail or email ( all of the above together to the Admissions Office or bring in person during business hours to our Marple Campus, Southeast Center, Downingtown Campus, Pennocks Bridge Campus or Exton Center.

No High School Diploma or GED

If you have not graduated from high school, are 19 years of age or older, and wish to enroll in credit courses part time, you must:

  1. Make an appointment to meet with a member of the admissions staff.
  2. Complete a “non-high school graduate petition” for admission and submit it to the director of admissions.
  3. Submit an admission application.
  4. Complete the College's mandatory orientation and meet with an advisor to schedule your classes.

Special Admissions Programs

There is a special international student application for individuals who wish to attend on a student visa. Neurodiagnostic technology, nursing, surgical technology and respiratory therapy programs have special admission procedures. Please contact the Admissions Office (610-359-5050) for a copy of the procedures and guidelines for these programs. Students interested in Municipal Police Training should contact the Municipal Police Academy (610-359-7386) for admission procedures. Students interested in the Plumbing Apprenticeship should call 610-356-4800 for admission procedures. Paramedic-Advance Life Support applicants must contact the Program Manager (610-723-6315) for special procedures. Perioperative Nursing applicants should call the Allied Health, Emergency Services and Nursing Department (610-359-5353). Technical Studies applicants must contact Assessment Services (610-359-5322).

High School Dual Enrollment

The College’s High School Dual Enrollment Program offers students the opportunity to earn college credits while still in high school at a fraction of the College’s standard tuition rates. Interested high school students in grades 10 through 12 are invited to apply and complete a placement test or submit qualifying SAT/ACT scores to determine course eligibility. Students who meet the necessary prerequisite scores may begin taking college courses. For further information and application materials, visit or email

International Applicants

Non-immigrant students who require a Certificate of Eligibility (Form I-20) in order to obtain a student visa, must complete the College’s International Student Application. The admission process requires students to submit additional academic and financial documentation which is outlined on the International Student Application. The application can be downloaded from

International students who require a student visa may apply to the College for admission to the fall and spring semesters, as well as for the summer English as a Second Language (ESL) semester. Because of the time needed to process applications for students requiring a Form I-20, the Admissions Office must receive application materials by the following deadlines: July 15, for the fall semester; November 15, for the spring semester; April 15, for summer ESL semester. Students should also consider the time required to obtain their academic and financial documentation and begin the application process as early as possible.

All students entering Delaware County Community College on a student visa must purchase health insurance through the College.

Current immigration regulations prohibit B-visa holders from enrolling in credit courses. However, they may enroll in up to two non-credit classes each semester.

Students in other non-immigrant statuses, immigrants, refugees, asylees and legal Permanent Residents should follow the regular admission process. Please contact the Admissions Office for application materials and information:

Delaware County Community College
901 South Media Line Road
Media, PA 19063-1094 USA

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Transferring to Delaware County Community College

When transferring to Delaware County Community College from another college, you must first submit an application to the College. You must also request that an official transcript from each institution where you have received college credits be sent to Enrollment Central at Delaware County Community College. Current and former students may transfer to the College a maximum of 36 credits from a regionally accredited institution towards an associate degree and half of the total credits required towards a certificate.

If you transfer in English Composition and/or college-level mathematics courses with grades of “C” or better from a regionally accredited institution of higher learning, you may waive the requirement for placement testing.

If you graduated from high school within three years of the date you plan to attend, an official high school transcript must also be submitted. Students seeking financial aid or those applying for admissions to Neurodiagnostic Technology, Nursing, Respiratory Therapy, Surgical Technology or Municipal Police Academy are also required to submit an official high school transcript.

Residency Requirements

For purposes of enrollment at Delaware County Community College, a resident is defined as a citizen or permanent resident of the United States. Residents of sponsoring school districts in Delaware County are eligible for the lower sponsoring tuition rate. Residency must be established at least three months prior to registration. If residency within the sponsoring district is for less than three months, the applicant will still be eligible for the lower tuition if it can be proven that residency was established for a reason other than attending the College.

Applicants residing in a non-sponsoring district in Delaware County must pay the non-sponsoring tuition. Residents of other Pennsylvania counties also pay the non-sponsoring tuition. Out-of-state residents and international students must pay the out-of-state tuition rate. Non-immigrants also pay a per credit international student fee. Current tuition and fee information is available at

Academic Advisement for New Students

An important aspect of the admission process is the mandatory orientation and academic advising. Following completion of the mandatory orientation ( each new student is encouraged to meet with an academic advisor to discuss personal goals and educational plans so they may gain the most from College programs. The College is committed to providing students with the information needed for them to take responsibility for making good decisions to reach their life and educational goals.

The student, after enrolling for the first semester, is assigned to an academic advisor. This advisor helps the student evaluate their progress at the College and provides information to help the student make appropriate course choices. For students with disabilities, early advisement is particularly important. Helpful hints, campus orientation and supplemental assistance are provided where appropriate for students with learning, physical and/or psychological disabilities. Contact the Office of Disability Services at 610-359-5229.

Shared Programs with Bucks, Montgomery and Philadelphia County Community Colleges

A shared program allows students from sponsoring school districts or counties to take courses that are not offered at their home institution but available at another local community college. Students who elect to enroll at participating community colleges must be authorized by the director of admissions and pay the host college’s sponsored student rate for courses taken at the host college. Delaware County Community College students residing in sponsoring school districts may participate in the following shared program opportunities1:

Offered at Bucks County Community College

Fine Woodworking
Furniture and Cabinetmaking
Historic Preservation Certificate
Meeting, Convention and Event Planning
Sports Management

Offered at Community College of Philadelphia

Chemical Technology
Dental Hygiene
Diagnostic Medical Imaging
Interpreter Education
Photographic Imaging

Offered at Montgomery County Community College

Dental Hygiene
Engineering Technology
Health and Fitness Professional
Medical Laboratory Technology

For further information, contact Admissions at 610-359-5333. Individuals from Bucks, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties should consult their home institution’s catalog for eligible programs offered by Delaware County Community College.


Programs listed are subject to change.