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Catalog Updates

Revisions and additions to Courses and Programs made in the current academic year, which will be effective in future terms.

Date Effective Term Type Change Description
9/21/2021 Spring 2022 Course Revision HUM 168 Pre-requisite ENG 100 may be taken concurrently. CALG-designated course (GU.) Update to course description and competencies.
9/22/2021 Spring 2022 New Course NET 200 Digital Forensics This course is designed to teach the students the methods of digital computer forensics and investigation. Students will learn how to properly conduct a digital forensics investigation by navigating through each phase of the digital forensics analysis methodology. Computer forensics lab requirements will be introduced along with the practical aspects of identification, seizure, and transportation of gathered evidence. Anti-forensics techniques and how they may negatively affect the forensic investigation process are discussed. The main elements of a digital forensics investigative report are also discussed. Additional topics include acquiring digital evidence, analyzing digital evidence, Windows forensics analysis, web browser and e-mail forensics, and open source intelligence. Pre-Req DPR 100, min Grade 'C'
9/22/2021 Spring 2022 Course Revision PSY 204 Addiction, Drugs, and the Brain New course title. Update to course description and competencies.
9/23/2021 Spring 2022 Course Revision HUM 141 Film Language Revised description and course competencies.
9/23/2021 Spring 2022 Course Revision HUM 142 American Cinema Revision to course description and competencies.

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