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Delaware County Community College


The Mission of Delaware County Community College is to facilitate learning by providing quality educational programs and services that are student focused, accessible, comprehensive and flexible to meet the educational needs of the diverse communities it serves. In doing so, the College will enable its students to develop themselves to the limit of their desires and capabilities and to be successful.

Content current as of June 2021. All changes effective for Fall 2021.


Delaware County Community College is accredited by the

Middle States Commission on Higher Education
3624 Market Street, Suite 2 West
Philadelphia, PA 19104.
Phone: 267-284–5000


The Delaware County Community College catalog serves as the College’s official statement of its program and course offerings. As such, the catalog current in the year of a student’s matriculation into any one of the College’s programs determines that student’s program requirements. As with any printed document of this nature, however, its currency becomes outdated quickly as faculty routinely update programs and courses to reflect the changing content and standards in any given field of knowledge. Consequently, students should also check the College’s website to view the most current listing of courses and programs. The material within this catalog is subject to change and was current as of June 2021.