Academic Catalog

FRE - French

FRE 101  Elementary French I  

The basic principles of pronunciation and grammar of the French language are emphasized. Vocabulary dealing with everyday situations is covered. Listening and speaking skills are developed through laboratory practice and increased use of French in the classroom. Recommended for those with less than 2 years High School French.

Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:
Reproduce with reasonable accuracy the sounds of the language.
Respond in French in a satisfactory manner to basic conversational situations.
Produce appropriate pattern and sentence transformation.
Write in dictation form with a reasonable degree of accuracy from materials that have already been studied.
Recall facts and observations of cultural interest.

3 Credits3 Weekly Lecture Hours

FRE 102  Elementary French II  

This course stresses progress in the speaking, writing and reading skills begun in FRE 101 and promotes greater understanding of French culture. The mandatory use of laboratory tapes further develops listening and speaking skills. NOTE: Alternate pre-requisite - two years of HS French.

Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:
Demonstrate an increased understanding of the principles of good pronunciation.
Show some facility in responding to familiar questions and requests given in French.
Demonstrate in reading and writing an understanding of grammatical concepts previously presented.
Exercise control of a larger vocabulary.
Write in dictation form from familiar texts.
Recall facts of culture contrasts shown in assigned reading.

Prerequisites: FRE 101.

3 Credits3 Weekly Lecture Hours

FRE 111  Intermediate French I  

Review of the basic sounds of the French language, first-level vocabulary and grammatical content. Introduction of new language concepts and more advanced vocabulary and idioms. Weekly laboratory practice to strengthen understanding of fluent speech. NOTE: Prerequisites: FRE 102 or three years of high school French or 1 year of college French.

Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:
Demonstrate the ability to read directly in French with increasing attention to correctness of sounds, rhythm, accentuation and intonation.
Reproduce a representative number of the dialogue situations previously illustrated.
Demonstrate correct use of essential grammatical and idiomatic structures previously presented.
Produce original coherent sentences and short paragraphs.
Write familiar texts by dictation.
Identify patterns of cultural behavior or customs that have been presented in class discussions.

Prerequisites: FRE 102.

3 Credits3 Weekly Lecture Hours

FRE 112  Intermediate French II  

Focus on understanding new language principles and the identification of these concepts in reading and writing. Reading in French from a variety of practical, cultural and literary texts. Frequent listening and speaking practice. Weekly laboratory exercises for better understanding of fluent French. NOTE: Prerequisites: FRE 111 or four years of high school French.

Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:
Respond in French with reasonable accuracy and clarity to questions within the scope of the course.
Read directly and accurately in the language at a level comprehensible to one fluent in French.
Reconstruct or significantly modify learned responses or conversational patterns.
Write coherent sentences and short paragraphs that use grammatical elements previously illustrated.
Write in dictation form from class materials studied.
Show some familiarity with French language contributions to the Western World and/or with cross-cultural contributions encountered in the course.

Prerequisites: FRE 111.

3 Credits3 Weekly Lecture Hours