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INT - Interdisciplinary

INT 100  Student Success  

Student Success is designed to assist students in their transition to college level work by learning proven strategies for creating greater academic, professional and social success. This course is designed to help students identify and understand the fundamental characteristics and learning strategies needed for college and beyond. Students will be provided with the necessary tools to take personal responsibility for their success while encouraging student interest in promoting self-awareness, increasing their self-concept, and improving their personal and academic success. This course will encourage students to participate in a community of learners, to strengthen their own critical thinking skills, and to communicate more effectively both orally and in writing.

Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:
Access and use different technology components utilized by the college.
Define, illustrate, create and implement short and long term personal and academic goals.
Understand and demonstrate campus and classroom protocol.
Examine and demonstrate critical thinking techniques.
Discover, Identify and Utilize individual learning styles.
Learn to Create Greater Inner Motivation.
Appreciate Diversity and Raise cultural Awareness.
List and experiment with specific methods to improve study skills.
Describe and utilize various models to enhance and facilitate communication.
Apply decision-making skills to issues typically faced by college students.
Identify, locate, and utilize resources on campus and in the community, which can assist in solving a variety of academic as well as personal problems.
Implement an effective management style to improve organization, coordination and use of time.
Explore and utilize processes, which enhance getting along with faculty, students, and others.

Prerequisites: REA 030 or ESL 045. Appropriate placement test scores may be accepted.

3 Credits3 Weekly Lecture Hours