Academic Catalog

English as a Second Language (ESL)

Delaware County Community College offers courses and services for students who need English for everyday life, employment and study in U.S. colleges.

Two types of classes are offered:

  • Non-credit courses: These courses meet four hours each week. The focus is on English conversation for everyday life, with some reading and writing. Students can register for these courses through Community Education.
  • Credit courses: The College offers three levels of courses in grammar, writing, reading and speaking/listening (Elementary, Intermediate I and Intermediate II). Tutoring is required for ESL students in writing, reading and speaking/ listening courses. This service supports classroom learning and student proficiency in English. The ESL credit program, coupled with reading and writing developmental courses, prepares students for introductory level college courses and English 100, required for all degrees. Although ESL credits do not count toward a student’s degree, they are important for success. Permanent residents may study either full or part time and may be eligible for financial aid. Students apply through the Admissions Office and are enrolled in classes after sitting for an English as a Second Language (ESL) placement test.

Grammar Courses

ESL 023 Elementary Grammar
ESL 033 Intermediate Grammar I
ESL 043 Intermediate Grammar II

Writing Courses

ESL 024 Elementary Writing
ESL 034 Intermediate Writing I
ESL 044 Intermediate Writing II

Reading Courses

ESL 025 Elementary Reading
ESL 035 Intermediate Reading I
ESL 045 Intermediate Reading II

Listening/Speaking Courses

ESL 026 Elementary Listening/Speaking
ESL 036 Intermediate Listening/Speaking I
ESL 046 Intermediate Listening/Speaking II