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Athletics and Campus Engagement

Campus Activities

Marple - 610-359-5341
Academic Building, Room 1180

Students register for Clubs and events at the Fall Club Fair

The Office of Athletics & Campus Engagement promotes community and student development by supporting an activities program that enriches the overall collegiate experience of students across all of our campuses. Through the collaborative efforts of students, faculty and staff we offer opportunities to engage students in programs that complement classroom experiences and provide opportunities for social interaction and the development of skills outside the classroom. The College supports a variety of clubs and organizations, as well as co-curricular and co-sponsored cultural programs, student leadership programs, community service programs, multicultural awareness programs and other student development and engagement programs.

The Athletics & Campus Engagement team also coordinates the activities of the Student Government Association, literary magazine and theatre. Many opportunities are available for social interaction, intellectual and emotional growth and the development of leadership and career-related skills through social, cultural and recreational activities and community service projects.

The Athletics & Campus Engagement office is located in the Student Center (Room 1180) on the Marple Campus. The Student Center includes an open student lounge and provides office space for clubs and organizations.

Delaware County Community College has joined numerous other colleges in the region and beyond in an effort to promote health and wellness by going tobacco-free. The policy prohibits the use of any tobacco product (cigarettes, cigars, pipes, snuff, chewing tobacco, etc.), on College owned or leased property. It is intended to eliminate exposure to secondhand smoke and provide an environment supportive of tobacco-free lifestyles. More information and resources are available at:

Clubs and Organizations

At Delaware County Community College, we offer a full range of clubs and organizations that cover our students’ many interests—both inside and outside the classroom.

Are you looking for a club that links to your major?  Consider the Business Society, Psychology Club or other academic based clubs.  To gain valuable hands-on experience in your field, look to our student newspaper or New Media Lab. Want to serve as the voice of the students and make a difference on campus?  Join our Student Government Association.  And if you want to connect with like-minded students, check out groups such as the Black Student Union, LGBTQ+ Club or Multicultural Club.

Student Leaders posed for a photo at the 2022 Spring Formal

Intercollegiate Athletics

DCCC Men's Baseball

Marple - 610-359-5047
Academic Building, 1180

The College offers opportunities for full-time students to participate in athletic competition at the intercollegiate level. Students may compete in any of our seven intercollegiate sports teams. This competitive program allows student-athletes to develop skills and team spirit and encourages them to achieve their highest potential. The College is a member of the Eastern Pennsylvania Athletic Conference in Region XIX of the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA). Students interested in participating in any sport should contact the Director of Wellness, Athletics and Recreation. The College offers the following sports: Men's Baseball, Men’s Soccer, Women’s Cross Country, Men and Women’s Basketball, Women’s Track and Field and coed Golf.

Intramural / Recreational Sports

The intramural/recreation sports program provides opportunities for students to participate in informal recreational activities and sports competition. Our fitness center and aerobic studio, located in the STEM Center on the Marple Campus, is open to faculty, staff and students with a current College ID. The center features free weights, circuit machines, treadmills, ellipticals and more. Aerobic classes are offered throughout the week.

DCCC Dance Team leading a Zumba Class in the Marple Campus Courtyard