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New Students

New Student Orientation

Marple - 610-359-5341
Campus Life Office
Academic Building, Room 1180

Students who participate in Orientation are more likely to be successful in college! As a result, the College requires most students to participate in our mandatory online New Student Orientation prior to registering for classes.1

The College’s New Student Orientation program gives new students tools, advice and information needed to make a successful transition to college life. For example, the online orientation gives new students the opportunity to:

  • Become familiar with the College’s resources and required technology
  • Learn how to achieve academic success, complete your educational goals and have a positive experience during your enrollment at Delaware County Community College
  • Become familiar with the College’s campuses and support services

Assessment Services

Marple - 610-359-5322
Academic Building, 4260

Placement Testing - 610-325-2776

Transfer Credit

Assessment Services provides testing services, academic advisement, transfer of credit into the College, credit for prior learning, advisor assignment and other services that support students’ progress toward their academic goals.

When Additional Academic Preparation is Needed

New students who have not successfully completed college-level math and English at another college or university must take a test in English Composition, Reading and Mathematics to determine appropriate course placement. The tests take approximately two hours and should be scheduled early in the enrollment process. If the test scores indicate the need for remediation in any of the three areas, then the student must successfully complete Basic and/or Developmental Courses before taking college-level English, Reading, Mathematics and most other courses. Remediation is required before the completion of 12 college credits. No credit towards a degree results from basic and developmental courses.

Basic & Developmental Courses

ENG 050 Developmental English
ENG 099 ALP English
MAT 025 Arithmetic Review
MAT 050 Mathematics Review



The following groups of students are encouraged, but not required to participate in a mandatory orientation:

  • Readmitted students
  • Students who earned a previous college degree

The following groups of students are exempt from participating in a mandatory orientation:

  • Visiting students (with appropriate documentation)
  • Dual Enrollment Students
  • International students on an F-1 Visa
  • Paramedic and Emergency Management and Planning majors