Academic Catalog

Automotive Technology II, Certificate (AUTC)

Effective: Fall 2002

This certificate is designed to prepare the student for above entry-level positions in the automotive service industry. The Certificate of Competency in Automotive Technology II will be awarded upon successful completion of the competencies outlined.

  • Define OBD (On-Board Diagnostics).
  • Utilize testing tools to retrieve malfunction codes from the computer system.
  • Identify importance of emission controls and emission control procedures.
  • Test input sensors and actuator sensors.
  • Identify EGR (Exhaust, Gas and Recirculation) Systems.
  • Measure, assemble and install new parts as required.
  • Differentiate between 4-wheel drive and all wheels drive vehicles.
  • Service 4-wheel drive and all wheels drive vehicles.
  • Identify hydraulic systems.
  • Remove, overhaul and reinstall transmission/transaxle in vehicles.
  • Restore units back to manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Demonstrate using two or more 02 sensors.
  • Solve case studies of vehicle engine parts and malfunctions.
  • Utilize AC and DC test instruments.
  • Recognize delayed lighting and running lamps.
  • Install and repair automatic locks, security and anti-theft devices.
  • Install and repair radios and speakers systems.
  • Replace and repair electronic heat grids on rear windows.
  • Utilize automatic vehicle leveling systems.

The College will award a certificate of competency to students who complete an approved credit-bearing career program that requires less than 30 credits. General education courses may not be required for programs that have less than 30 credits. The student must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher. At least six credit hours must be in courses that are awarded grade points.

Required Courses
AUT 121Engine Performance3
AUT 201Automotive Chassis and Security Systems2
AUT 150Air Conditioning2
AUT 151Ignition Systems2
AUT 152Computer and Emissions Systems3
AUT 153Automotive Manual Transmission/Transaxle and Chassis3
AUT 200Automotive Automatic Transmission/Transaxle4
AUT 123Power Train Controls2
Total Hours21