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Global Studies, Associate in Arts (GLOS)

Effective: Fall 2016

The major in Global Studies will give students interdisciplinary perspectives on the interplay of local and global communities as well as prepare students to participate effectively in this global environment. The program is designed for students planning to earn at least a bachelor’s degree in areas such as International Relations, International Studies, Global Affairs, National Security Studies and Peace and Conflict Studies.

  • Locate regions of the world accurately and understand their environmental, anthropological, sociological and cultural attributes
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the history of human culture, including the effects of the interrelationships between various cultures
  • Recognize various cultural organizations; such as political, religious, economic, or philosophical and how they influence their native culture and other cultures
  • Discuss the impact of artistic expression within specific cultures and across cultures
  • Demonstrate at least an elementary ability to speak and understand a foreign language in both oral and written form
  • Understand the concept of globalization in its environmental, anthropological, sociological, or cultural connotations and consider the benefits and detriments attached
  • Demonstrate a self-awareness and an understanding of other’s cultural values, beliefs and communication styles and an appreciation for this diversity

The College Transfer Office is set up to help Delaware County Community College students transfer to four-year colleges and universities. If you are planning to transfer, you are strongly encouraged to meet with a transfer advisor within your first two semesters (or before you reach 30 transferable college credits from all institutions attended).

Plan of Study Grid
First SemesterHours
ENG 100 English Composition I 3
COMM 100 Interpersonal Communication 3
HIS 150 World Civilizations I 3
DPR 100
or DPR 101

Select one of the following: 3-4
Modern College Mathematics  
Introduction to Probability and Statistics  
Business Precalculus  
College Algebra  
Calculus I  
Second Semester
ENG 112 English Composition II: Writing About Literature 3
HIS 160 World Civilizations II 3
POL 200 World Affairs 3
SOC 110
Introduction to Sociology
or General Psychology
Any transferable Scientific Inquiry designated science course 4
Third Semester
COMM 102 Communication Across Cultures 3
ECO 210 Macroeconomic Principles 3
HUM 160 Introduction to World Religions 3
SOC 215/PSY 225 Experiences in Diversity 3
Foreign Language 3
Fourth Semester
ART 111 Art from the Renaissance through Contemporary Times 3
BUS 101 Introduction to International Business 3
Foreign Language 3
Open Electives 6
 Total Hours61-62


Open Electives:

See Advisor or Counselor

Scientific Inquiry (SI) Designated courses

Foreign Language

World Languages
ARB 101Elementary Arabic I3
ARB 102Elementary Arabic II3
FRE 101Elementary French I3
FRE 102Elementary French II3
FRE 111Intermediate French I3
FRE 112Intermediate French II3
GER 101Elementary German I3
GER 102Elementary German II3
ITA 101Elementary Italian I3
ITA 102Elementary Italian II3
SPA 101Elementary Spanish I3
SPA 102Elementary Spanish II3
SPA 201Intermediate Spanish I3
SPA 202Intermediate Spanish II3

100% online


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