Academic Catalog

Interactive Computing, Associate in Applied Science (IC)

Effective: Fall 2022

Do the following terms describe you: curious, creative, or problem-solver? Exploring the world of Information Technology (IT) may be right for you! Demand for skilled IT workers is ever-growing and unmatched in other industries.

The Interactive Computing Associate of Applied Science degree program is a flexible degree that gives students the freedom to tailor individual curricula to match their professional and personal goals. The program combines theory, media production, programming, web, and interactive design to prepare students for careers in digital media design and development. Foundations of digital technology, as well as the core concepts of current technological innovations, is explored. Students engage in hands-on, project-based instruction that enables them to create multimedia projects and productions, think innovatively and creatively, and explore emerging and immersive technologies. Students also produce a digital portfolio or participate in an internship to prepare for an IT career.

The Interactive Computing program has three pathways: front-end developer, back-end developer, and immersive media or game developer. Electives within the program are selected based on the pathway.


A front-end developer is one who builds user interfaces for websites and applications using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as well as an array of other front-end applications/tools such as browser development tools, image editors, and wireframe tools. Current job titles include UI/UX Developer, Junior Developer, Motion Graphics Designer, Web Content Editor,  Interaction Designer, Web Developer, and Junior Angular.JS Developer.


A back-end developer is one who enables the front-end experience. This type of developer builds and maintains the technology that makes the front end possible. Knowledge of how servers, applications, and databases communicate with one another as well as server-side languages like PHP and Python and tools like MySQL and Oracle is required. Current job titles include Web Developer, Backend Architect, Full-stack Developer, and Full Stack Java Developer.


An immersive media or game developer designs and develops virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, real-time 3D, simulations, games, and immersive experiences and video content. Developers have demonstrated experience in platforms and pipelines used in the design, development, and distribution of games and immersive experiences including Unity, HTML, Adobe Creative Suite, C#, and Python. Current job titles include Immersive Media Developer, VR Developer, Game Designer, Game Programmer, Game Artist, Game Animator, Animator, and Game Tester.

Upon successful completion of this program, students should be able to:

  • Apply a design process to develop multimedia programs, websites, games, or immersive environments.
  • Determine the appropriate hardware, software, and network protocols and connectivity that support interactive computing design and development.
  • Use industry standard tools and technologies to create media assets.
  • Demonstrate the use of scripting, programming, and markup languages.
  • Design and create intuitive, usable interfaces.
  • Examine requisite skills and careers related to interactive computing.
  • Prepare for an IT career through the participation in an internship and/or development
    of a digital portfolio.
Plan of Study Grid
First SemesterHours
DPR 100 Introduction to Information Technology 3
DPR 101
Introduction to Computer Science
or Introduction to Python
ENG 100 English Composition I 3
Any Oral Communications (OC) designated course 3
Any Quantitative Reasoning (QR) designated MAT course 1 3-4
Second Semester
DPR 104 Introduction to Java Programming 3
ENG 112 English Composition II: Writing About Literature 3
IMM 110 Multimedia Graphics & Design 3
IMM 120 Web Page Design and Development 3
Mathematics Elective 2 3-4
Third Semester
CS 200 UX Design 3
NET 110 Network Communications 3
Any Scientific Inquiry (SI) designated course 4
CS Electives by Pathway 6
For front-end developer:  
Introduction to Unity 3D
and Audio and Video for Multimedia
For back-end developer:  
Intro to Oracle:SQL  
& Select One:
Intermediate Java Programming  
Mobile Web Development  
For immersive media or game design developer:  
Audio and Video for Multimedia  
& Select One:
Fundamentals of Game Design Theory and Practice
or Introduction to Unity 3D
Fourth Semester
DPR/CS 250 Digital Portfolio Development 3
Diversity and Social Justice AND Global Understanding designated course 3
CS Electives by Pathway 9
For front-end developer:  
and Mobile Web Development
& Select one IT/CS Elective
For back-end developer:  
& Select Two:
Intermediate Java Programming  
Mobile Web Development  
For immersive media or game design developer:  
Game Creation Development
or Virtual Asset Production
C# Programing for Interactivity
or Introduction to Computer Game Programming
Game Art and Animation
or Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality: XR Fundamentals
 Total Hours61-63


Oral Communications (OC) designated courses

Quantitative Reasoning (QR) designated courses1

Scientific Inquiry (SI) designated courses

Diversity and Social Justice AND Global Understanding designated courses


not MAT 125


MAT 120 or higher (not MAT 125 or MAT 126)