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Photography, Associate in Fine Arts (PHO)

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Effective: Fall 2016

The Photography program develops professional image-makers through student-centered inquiry and practice in visual communication. Studies in Photography encompass the history, critical and aesthetic theory and varied practices of photography as a medium of visual communication and expression in a diverse cultural society. Students explore a variety of photographic formats, including 35mm, medium format and 4x5 view cameras and acquire experience in black-and-white, color, alternative and digital imaging processes using state of the art methods, tools and facilities. The Associate of Fine Arts Degree will prepare students to transfer into a 4 year Bachelor of Fine Arts program. Students will be provided with all foundation-level studio courses with a primary concentration in photography. First-year requirements must be satisfied before beginning second-year course work.

Any remediation in Reading, English or Mathematics must be completed before beginning third semester courses.

The degree Associate in Fine Arts is awarded upon successful completion of the photography course sequence with a grade of “C” (2.0 GPA) or better in all ART courses. ART courses with a grade lower than “C” must be repeated.

  • Demonstrate proficiency with camera skills sufficient to produce consistent quality photographic imagery.
  • Demonstrate advanced skills in materials and processes used in photography.
  • Demonstrate a general knowledge of the history of photography from the 19th century to present day and its function in visual culture in the context of global art.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the elements and principles of two and three dimensional design, color theory, drawing and art historical references.
  • Practice critical thinking skills through the production and evaluation of artwork.
  • Produce a portfolio demonstrating a coherent personal vision and visual literacy.

The College Transfer Office is set up to help Delaware County Community College students transfer to four-year colleges and universities. If you are planning to transfer, you are strongly encouraged to meet with a transfer advisor within your first two semesters (or before you reach 30 transferable college credits from all institutions attended).

Plan of Study Grid
First SemesterHours
ART 122 Two Dimensional Design 3
ART 130 Drawing I 3
ART 133 Photography I 3
ENG 100 English Composition I 3
Mathematics Elective (see list below) 3-4
Second Semester
ART 123 Color and Design 3
ART 124 Three Dimensional Design 3
ART 134 Photography II 3
ART 131 Drawing II 3
ART 110
Art from the Ancient Worlds through the Middle Ages
or Art from the Renaissance through Contemporary Times
Third Semester
ART 211 Digital Imaging 3
ART 236 Digital Photography I 3
ART 237 Alternative Processes 3
Social Science/Humanities Elective (see list below) 3
Laboratory Science Elective (see list below) 4
Fourth Semester
ART 239 Digital Photography II 3
ART 240 Medium and Large Format Photography 3
ART 241 Portfolio Presentation 3
ART 116 History of Photography 3
COMM 111 Public Speaking 3
 Total Hours61-62


Mathematics Elective

Select one from:

MAT 120Modern College Mathematics3
MAT 121Introduction to Probability and Statistics3
MAT 151College Algebra4
MAT 152Precalculus4
MAT 160Calculus I4
MAT 210Statistics3

Social Science/Humanities Elective

Select one from:

HIS 110American History I3
HIS 120American History II3
HIS 150World Civilizations I3
HIS 160World Civilizations II3
HUM 160Introduction to World Religions3
SOC 110Introduction to Sociology3
SOC 120Social Problems3
SOC 180Marriage and The Family3

Laboratory Science Elective

Select one from:

BIO 100Biological Sciences4
BIO 102Humans and the Environment4
BIO 110General Biology I4
BIO 150Human Anatomy and Physiology I4
CHE 101Introduction to General Chemistry4
CHE 110General Chemistry I4
ESS 100Earth Science4
ESS 110Physical Geology4
PHY 110College Physics I4
PHY 131University Physics I4

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