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Hotel and Restaurant Management, Associate in Applied Science (HRM)

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Effective: Fall 2016

The Hotel/Restaurant Management (HRM) program is designed for individuals seeking specialized training and knowledge as preparation for a career in the vast hospitality industry. The successful graduate can enter the industry at a supervisory level and perform management functions and duties to this industry.

Career fields within hospitality include:

  • Hotel Accounting
  • Food Cost Control
  • Airline Food Operations
  • Catering & Event Planning
  • Convention Operations
  • Cruise Line Food Service
  • Quick Service Supervision (fast food)
  • Food and Beverage Broker
  • Gaming & Casino Food Operations
  • Hotel Housekeeping Supervision
  • Bar Operations
  • Restaurant  Sales
  • Country Club Supervisor
  • Sporting Venue Food Service
  • Theme Park Operations
  • Restaurant Supervisor
  • Apply federal, state and local laws and regulations specific to this industry.
  • Use generally accepted accounting practices in the efficient and cost effective operation of the enterprise.
  • Communicate effectively with employers, employees, customers, vendors and the community using appropriate technology.
  • Awareness of terminology, common supervisory skill-sets and the need for life-long career planning for success.
  • Use of sales and marketing techniques to enhance acceptance of the product/service the industry provides.
Plan of Study Grid
First SemesterHours
ENG 100 English Composition I 3
HRM 100 Introduction to Hospitality 3
HRM 110 Food Sanitation and Safety Supervision 3
BUS 104
Mathematics for Business
or Business Precalculus
CS 100
Introduction to Information Technology
or Introduction to Computer Science
Second Semester
ENG 112 English Composition II: Writing About Literature 3
HRM 155 Managing Lodging Operations 3
HRM 162 Laws of Innkeepers 3
ACC 100
Applied Accounting
or Financial Accounting
Any Diversity and Social Justice and Global Understanding designated Social Science course 3
Third Semester
HRM 253 Restaurant Management 3
BUS 130 Business Communication 3
HRM 255
Beverage Management
or Tourism: Principles, Practices, Philosophies
HRM 145
Sales and Marketing in Hospitality
or Principles of Marketing
Any Scientific Inquiry designated Science course 4
Fourth Semester
HRM 254 Catering & Event Planning 3
HRM 165
Managing Hospitality Human Resources
or Human Resource Management
Open Elective 3
Humanities Elective 3
Select one of the following: 3
Hotel and Restaurant Management Internship CSEL  
HRM Elective
 Total Hours61


Diversity and Social Justice and Global Understanding designated courses.

Scientific Inquiry designated courses.

Humanities Elective - Career Program

This list does not indicate College Academic Learning Goal designation.  Refer to your program curriculum for more information.

For career programs:

Courses listed under subject areas:
ARB 101Elementary Arabic I (or above)3
ART 100Art and Child Development (or above)3
COMM 100Interpersonal Communication (or above)3
DRA 100Introduction to Theatre (or above)3
ENG 112English Composition II: Writing About Literature (or above)3
FRE 101Elementary French I (or above)3
GER 101Elementary German I (or above)3
HUM 100Introduction to Visual Arts (or above)3
ITA 101Elementary Italian I (or above)3
MUS 101Fundamentals of Music (or above)3
PHI 100Introduction to Philosophy (or above)3
SPA 101Elementary Spanish I (or above)3